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Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial

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The Liberian Registry will establish a new requirement wherein the Administration shall confer recognition to physicians and medical centers to conduct medical evaluations of seafarers prior to their employment aboard Liberian flagged ships.  This recognition will authorize physicians and medical centers that have been reviewed, approved, and follow the requirements set forth by the Administration to issue valid Medical Certificates, these requirements will be communicated directly to the physicians and medical centers.


Doctor Resume with full name, personal identity number, Passport number, address or domicile, telephone numbers, e-mail, among others.

Doctor Certificates

  • Authenticated copy of Certificate of Suitability issued by the competent health authority from the State where the physicians exercise their medical practice.
  • Authenticated copy from the authorization to issue medical certificates to the seafarers issued by the State Maritime Administration and the competent health authority, where the medical acknowledgments of the seafarers are performed, according to what is established on the STCW’78 Convention, amended and Maritime Labour Convention, 2006, amended.


Clinic Documentation

  • Supporting Documents – Facilities allowing to satisfy all requirements of the medical evaluation and perform it on healthy conditions and with the due respect for the confidentiality and the intimacy of the seafarers.

This guidance is issued in accordance with Regulation I/9 and Section A-I/9 of the International Convention on Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers as amended (1978 SCW Convention, as amended); and in accordance with the Maritime Labor Convention 2006, of the International Labor Organization, and in conformity with rule A-1.2 of the MLC Convention.


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