The deadline to be fully registered, reviewed and approved by us is 29 April, 2022. For infoAdvisory NoteContact us * LISCR.

Video Tutorial – Certificates ID

Video Tutorial – Certificates ID

Note: Our videos are on the Vimeo platform, so if you cannot watch them on this platform, we invite you to click on the following link to watch them on YouTube.

After Registration of the clinic on the platform, and starting on 2 May, 2022 medical practitioners will have to do the following in order to issue to the seafarer a valid medical certificate for Liberian credentials:

a. Log into the portal

b. Apply to be issued a specific “Serial Number” (can be obtained one at a time, or in bulk units directly on the platform).

c. The Serial Number is to be purchased by the Medical Practitioner, at US$5 per number. These can be purchased directly on the portal, and can be bought in bulk quantities.

d. This Serial Number once issued, is to be written on to the medical certificate

i. If using a Liberian form RLM-105M to be entered into the box per instructions;

ii. If using a Non-Liberian form, please attach the print out of the Certificate ID (generated by the platform) and/or write the Serial Number on the top right corner of the form as and the corresponding number, a copy of the Serial Number purchase receipt can also be uploaded with the document.

e. Filing Agents will then have to enter this number into SEA System when submitting the seafarer application online. Filing Agents should ensure the Serial Number is properly included on the Medical Form application to avoid a $5 Review Fee being added to the work-order invoice if the Serial Numbers is not included.

The deadline to be fully registered, reviewed and approved by this Administration has been extended to 9 May, 2022. By this date the medical practitioners issuing medical certificates for seafarers aboard

Liberian vessels must be registered and approved. The medical certificates submitted by seafarers must have the Serial Number listed on them from the Medical Practitioner conducting the exam.

The Liberian Registry shall maintain an approved list of qualified medical practitioners that have registered on the portal and who are also authorized by the Republic of the Philippines to carry out medical examinations of seafarers in the Philippines in accordance with STCW 1978 as amended and MLC 2006. Medical Examinations of seafarers may only be conducted by the medical practitioner approved by the Administration; using the guidance and requirements set forth by the Administration, and those medical examinations submitted to the Administration that do not contain the Certificate ID number shall have a fee levied on that application.

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